Our strength lies in industrial undertakings, where we take over, manage, streamline and rationalize service functions so that they support production optimally.

Our delivery is flexible, fully tailored to our customers' changing needs and challenges. We bring specialized skills, effective and tailored systems, tried-and-tested methodologies and a sharp focus on change and improvement work to our customers' experience and familiarity with their plants. The results bring savings and rationalization to our customers' plants.

Widespread geographical coverage

Our competence is focused at several sites in southern and central Sweden, but we also follow our customers abroad. We are organized in strategically located regional service centers. This offers our customers access to the market's best competence, simultaneous with the ability to tailor ourselves to local circumstances and needs.

A wide array of industrial services

Coor delivers a wide array of industrial services that support and develop our customers' production processes:

  • Strategic production development
    This includes services such as developing production technology, effective procurement, maintenance development, functional maintenance undertakings and management assignments.
  • Industrial projects
    This services group includes project management, design, automation solutions, production and assembly, version management and rebuilds, installation and machine relocation.
  • Industrial maintenance
    This includes services such as mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, metrology and component servicing.
  • Logistics
    Services such as designing logistics solutions, optimizing vehicle fleets, vehicle maintenance, Materials and storage and maintenance management.